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eL BLOGGING…vertiente moderna de los Diarios intimos

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El blogging es una vertiente de los Diarios de Viaje, los Diarios de Vida , las caras y relatos de Viajeros, que en la era digital nos permite recoger la mirada desde fuera acerca de nuestras costumbres, paisajes, personas…

Un ejemplo es este párrafo del blog

Saturday: Breakfast at Mario’s was yummy! And it was the first day of spring although it was raining in Santiago! Lame! I couldn’t go for a run. Yikes! And Mario was sharing stories with us. Basically he met Amanda’s Dad in a jail during the 1970′s. Many Chileans rose up against the military dictatorship and were tortured for years in jail. Eventually, Mario and Amanda’s  Dad were exiled to the US. It is interesting because Mario openly talks about his experience whereas Amanda’s Dad has never been able to open up. PSD is still strongly effecting him after 40+ years. So cruel. Anyways, it was hard to imagine Amanda’s feelings during these talks because everything Mario was explaining to us also happened to her father. Mario is certainly a hero and lives for human rights. He is still fighting! He is also really good friends with the Chilean President and her mother because he saw their father be electrified to death. The government blames his death on a heart-attack, but Mario and his friends are going to testify on Tuesday. Very intense. Despite the heavy topics, we had a wonderful time together and I really hope to see him again. We might stay there on Thursday night before our trip to San Pedro de Atacama.



It is Sunday morning and I am going to write a little bit before I head out for a run. 

This week! Has been extraordinary! Lots of learning and lots of fun!

I got home on Tuesday night from Buenos Aires. Definitely lots of traveling, but well-worth it. Ceci came to the airport with us even though it was way out of her way! So cute. When I got home, I went to my chilean friend Kevin’s house for a BBQ/ party. There were more gringos than chileans. Classic! 

Wed: Día de la Independencia! Chile’s Independence Day. Unlike the US, Chile has 5 full days off for Independence week. Pretty crazy! The 18th is definitely the most important day. My family had a really fun BBQ with my host brother and sister and their significant others. I invited Brandan over! The food was totally delicious. My mom bought enough food…

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